New Lynn School
Covid Plan and General Information

What you need to know

If someone with COVID-19 is identified as being at school during their infectious period:

Updated: 12 March

When we have a positive case identified through a ‘PCR’ or 'RAT' test

  1. Case tests positive informs school and sends a screenshot of a positive result to principal

  2. Special Point of Contact (SPOC) will then liaise with School Principal who gathers info on case activity at school

  3. A risk assessment is completed to identify ‘Close’, contacts

  4. The School will notify parents if their child is deemed a ‘Close’ contact, and the school community if isolation or testing is needed

  1. Close’ contacts self - manage when they can return to school

When a child, young person, or staff member tests positive and has been at school or kura when considered to be infectious

• The school will do a risk assessment to identify ‘close’ contacts distance learning will be provided for affected students/classes if needed

• The process outlined under STEPS above will be followed and use this link to fill in the appropriate form Positive Test/Isolation Due to Household Contact form

• The school/kura will clean and disinfect according to health specifications. For cleaning information,

Child/young person/staff member with a positive PCR or RAT test should:

• Self-isolate at home for 7 days post-exposure, test immediately

• Continue to isolate at home until free of symptoms

• Return to school

When a child, young person, or staff member receives a positive result but was not at school or kura while infectious

• Information and resources will be offered to the parent community to reassure them that there is low risk for the school community

• The MoE Single Point of Contact will be notified by public health and will contact the school

• Child/young person/staff member and family self-isolate and get tested

When a child, young person, or staff member has had contact with someone who is a Close Contact of a confirmed case

• No action is required by the school at this stage

• These people are considered secondary contacts (they have no direct contact with the case)

• Only Close Contact(s) need to self-isolate (they will be instructed to do so by health authorities)

• If the Close Contact subsequently tests positive, a case investigation will be undertaken, and their Close Contacts will be advised to isolate.