New Lynn School Traffic Light Information

Updated: 14 April

Move to Orange

From 11.59pm on13 April all of New Zealand will move to Orange

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a sustained reduction in cases and hospitalisations despite the relaxation of settings. Under the COVID-19 Protection Framework, this means we can now move to the Orange setting.

At Orange

  • There are no indoor or outdoor capacity limits at events.

  • Face masks are still required for many indoor settings. Inside schools, face masks are not required but still encouraged.

  • There are no changes to the 7-day self-isolation requirement, if you, or someone you live with gets COVID-19.

  • Wearing a face mask at Orange is still important, especially with capacity limits removed. Next to being vaccinated and having a booster, face masks are the best defence against COVID-19 and reduce new cases by as much as 53%.

Traffic light settings will be reviewed in mid-May.

Find out more about Life at Orange here:

Updated: 12 March

Please notify the school by filling in the form if your child receives a positive RAT test or they are required to isolate due to a household contact. Link below.

Positive Test/Isolation Form