Senior Management

Principal Mr Greg Roebuck

Deputy Principal Mrs Carol Becroft

Associate Principal Ms Claire Jackson

Administration Staff

Personal Assistant Mrs Thelena Ngatoko

Office Administrator Mrs Ann Carey

Library Assistant Mrs Joanne Gardner

Junior School Teachers

New Entrants Mataī 9 Ms Claire Jackson (Junior Team Leader and Associate Principal)

Mataī 7 Ms Linda Grant, Mataī 8 Ms Jess O'Sullivan, Mataī 11 Ms Laura Robertson Mataī 12 Ms Caitlin Paterson Mataī 14 Ms Chloe Stannage,

Mataī 1 Ms Adeleena Lee-Hussien, Mataī 2 Ms Anne Verheul

Middle School Teachers

Y 3-5 Kahikatea 1, 2, 3 Ms Julie Mana'o (Team Leader), Mrs Kathryn Mildon and Mr Jake Lee

Senior School Teachers

Y 5&6 Rimu 1a Mrs Kusum Singh (Team Leader)

Y 5&6 Rimu 2 Mr Neelesh Desai

Y 5&6 Rimu 5 Ms Christina Fortes

Y 5&6 Rimu 6 Mrs Leitu Vaega

Oaklynn School Satellite Class

Room 1 Gina Wright

Reading and Special Needs

Piaare Swann (SENCO)

JoAnna Crosby (Special Needs and Garden Group)

Release Teachers

JoAnna Crosby

Lydia Chen

Board of Trustees

Nikki Birchfield, Mark Roach, Juliet Becker, Cybele Wiren and Jigar Pandya (BOT Chairperson)

Property Officers

Ron Fortes

Rae and Moon Lee