remote Learning

Wellbeing for our tamariki

We understand that during this time of the pandemic that we are all under pressure and stress we may also be feeling anxious and worried. As adults we need to use the tools we have to support our own wellbeing and as adults we are able to do this.

Our children need us grounded and supportive; although they may not understand what is fully going on, they will be picking up on conversations, social media posts, news and radio announcements and even what the other kids are saying at school. They may not show it, but they could be anxious and worried also.

Aside from the usual way that you would support your whanau you may wish to have a look at some of these useful web-sites. As parents we chose how much to share with our tamariki but they could be a useful starting when thinking about what to discuss.

If you are really struggling then please contact our therapeutic play therapist who can offer some ideas or schedule a session for your child via skype.

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Remote learning information in multiple languages

Resources to help families support their children and young people with remote learning are now available on the Ministry website including this information in the following languages:

Web games for children with ASD A website with simple games designed to help children and adults with ASD with life skills.