This money is used for necessary resources for your child to have a quality education. Our school fees are very low compared to other schools. This is our main source of funds for our school. We have broken the cost down term by term – you are more than welcome to pay for it this way or pay for the entire year.

Please pay these donations and help your children’s school.

Donations Per Family

Term 1 $25.00

Term 2 $25.00

Term 3 $25.00

Term 4 $25.00

Total $100.00

Donations Per Child

Term 1 $20.00

Term 2 $20.00

Term 3 $20.00

Term 4 $20.00

Total $80.00

Available from January 8th 2019 at Warehouse Stationery, New Lynn.

Please tell the stationary staff your 2019 child's room name so you can receive the correct box.

All stationary packs are already pre made.

Link: Stationary Packs

our School Uniform is available from

NZ Uniforms. 7 Rata Street, New Lynn.

NLS Bucket Hats - $15.00 are available only from the school office during school hours.