New Lynn School

Rimu Team Newsletter Term 2 2023

Welcome to Term 2 of 2023! We hope you had a relaxing term 1 break. Term 2 is full of new learning and exciting task for our students.

Homework: Rimu Syndicate homework will commence in Weeks 2-3. This will be sent home with a spelling list and some activities at the beginning of each week and is due back on Fridays. Students should also be doing 15 minutes of reading each day and parents/whanau should be discussing the reading with them. All other homework will be uploaded on Seesaw.

  Important Dates:  

Marae visit

2 May (Tuesday Week 2)

Kelston visit

5 May (Friday Week 2)

Science fair



End of term 



Student lead conference:


Last day of Term 2: 

30 July

Our topics of study this term are:

Topic: Science: Plant Biology (The Living World)

PB4L: School Values and Building Learning-Focused Relationships

Maths: Number: Fractions  Strand: Statistics   

Writing: reports, instructional, scientific writing   

History of New Zealand: Making timelines, studying old photos, research skills

Key competencies:  Relating to Others, Managing Ourselves, Participating and Contributing

Māori: Science of plants, Matariki 

Phys Ed: How to participate and engage in activities (good sportsmanship following rules, encouraging others, participating) and Matariki games

I.C.T: Unpacking our Digital Technology Outcomes (using devices to create, access, store and share our learning)

Art: Incorporated with science fair

School Day

Our school starts at 8.55 a.m. We encourage children not to arrive before 8 am as teachers are not available for supervision before this time but if they do they will need to wait outside until the teacher arrives. 

Breakfast Club: Breakfast Club is open from 8 am every morning in the Learning Center next to the office.

Lunches: Please talk to your child about what to eat for morning tea and what to save for lunch. We are a water only school, so please - no juice or flavoured milk drinks. 


Please make sure that all uniforms are clearly named. Talk to your child about putting clothing straight into their bags when they take something off. Check clothes regularly as names do come off in the wash! With winter around the corner, students are allowed to wear plain simple colour (dark blue, black) long tights or long sleeve t-shirts under their uniform, and only the school jumpers are to be worn at school.


IIt is very important your child attends school every day so they will not miss out on any learning. If your child is away please contact the school prior to 9am on 8274382. If this is not possible please send a note the next day. If you need to take your child out of school during the day you will need to get a permission slip from the office. 

Thank you for your continued support of our school. If you have any queries, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher directly. 

Kind regards,

Kusum Singh (Team leader), Neelesh Desai, Leitu Vaega, Christina Fortes and Ji Gao

Rimu 1 (Yr 5&6)

Mrs Singh (Team Leader)

Rimu 2 (Yr 5&6)

Mr Desai

Rimu 3 (Yr 5&6)

Mrs Vaega

Rimu 5 (Yr 5&6)

Miss Fortes

Rimu 6 (Yr 5&6)

Miss Gao