Math and Science


Youcubed Stanford University's Youcubed maths activities to try at home


Interactive games for all primary levels

CBeebies - Numberblocks songs on youtube Counting and number skills for younger children

Prodigy Maths Game Very fun adventure game, similar format to Pokemon, children must answer Maths questions to progress. All primary ages. Younger children will need help to register and get started.

Matific Online Maths activities. A teacher-controlled remote platform. 60 days free. Also available for parents to use at home - only 1 week free trial for parents.

Numicon - maths at home

Maths is fun - lots of activities

Mathscentre - across the maths curriculum. NZ site.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure

TKI - nzmaths worksheets

The Math Factor Usually costs, but free while schools are closed.



Science, Tech, Social Sciences etc,

Exploring and answering questions children might have about the world around them.

Articles about these subjects for children to read. There is a reader function for children who can’t read themselves, which reads the articles aloud for them. Otherwise probably Year 3+

Heihei Kitchen Science Videos of fun home science experiments. May be more interesting for Juniors as the scientific explanations are simple.

The Kids Should See This Videos on various subjects for exploration and discussion. SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, SPACE, ANIMALS, NATURE, FOOD, DIY, MUSIC, ART, ANIMATION. YouTube video - experiment to demonstrate virus reaction to soap

Nanogirl’s LAB - A new science adventure every weekday. Hands on science