Welcome to a new year at New Lynn School. For 2020 there are three classes in our syndicate, all have year 4 and 5 students and are based in the upstairs room at the back of the netball courts. Our contact details are listed below:

Our topics of study this term are:

Topic: Positive Behaviour for Learning (P.B.4.L.) The Treaty of Waitangi

Maths: Number knowledge Strand - Statistics

Writing: Rich descriptions and information reports

History of New Lynn School: making timelines, studying old photos, research skills

Key competencies: Relating to others, Managing Ourselves, Participating and Contributing

Maori: Identity, pepeha, Treaty of Waitangi principles - protection, partnership and participation, basic classroom phrases

Phys Ed: swimming, teamwork, cross country training; working with the sports activator fortnightly

I.C.T.: Internet safety, Google Docs, Seesaw (for storing and sharing work with our families)

Art: sketching skills, self portraits linking to the Chinese Zodiac

Mandarin: Chinese zodiac story, greetings

Important Dates:

Thursday 13th February: 2 - 7pm Parent-Teacher interviews there will be an opportunity for you to share information about your child and for teachers to explain our systems and the learning program. School will close at 1pm on this date.


Kahikatea will have swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

From 24th February to 6th March we will have swimming every day as part of the Greater Auckland Aquatic Action Plan (GAAAP). Professionally trained swimming instructors will work with our students on swimming skills and water safety.

Every student is expected to participate, especially with the high number of children drowning in NZ over the summer.


Please talk to your child about what to eat at morning tea and what to save for lunch.

We are a water only school, so please - not juice or flavoured milk drinks.


Please make sure that all uniforms are clearly named. Talk to your child about putting clothing straight into their bags when they take something off. Check clothes regularly as names do come off in the wash!

School Hats:

Hats are compulsory during term 1 so please ensure your child has a school hat in their bag each day. We want to see all children wearing them in the playground, especially as the sun is so hot and children can be easily burnt. Bucket hats can be purchased from the school office for $15.

Arrival to School:

School starts at 8.55am. It would be helpful if all children could be at school by 8.30am so they have the chance to organise their belongings and get ready for the day, as well as having some time to socialise with other children in the classroom or playground. Breakfast Club is open from 8am every morning in the Learning Centre next to the office.


It is very important your child attends school every day so he/she will not miss out on any learning. If your child is away please contact the school prior to 9am on 8274382. If this is not possible, please send a note the next day. If you need to take your child out of school during the day for an appointment or family reason, you will need to get a permission slip from the office.

Student teacher:

for the first half of the year we will have a student teacher working alongside Kahikatea 1 - Emma Burrows. Emma is in her final year of her Bachelor of Education and has lived in the Waitakere area all her life. We look forward to supporting Emma in completing her studies.

Thank you for your continued support of our school. If you have any queries, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher directly.

Julie Mana’o (team leader), Kathryn Mildon, Jake Lee and Emma Burrows.