Term 4
Well done New Lynn School for a wonderful school concert.  Room 12 performed an especially physical African drum dance. 
For technology this term,  we have been involved in researching and designing our own school playground. We have looked at safety features, design features, planning and the cost of our designs.  We also created 3D models of our playgrounds, which are fantastic, even if I say so myself!
Swimming begins soon so please take note: Swimming for Room 12 is on Tuesdays at 12.40-1.10 and Wednesdays 2.20-2.50 pm. 
Please check the dates for  the end of year Prize-giving, which is being held at the New Lynn R.S.A. this year.
Kia ora, 
Mrs Pickles

Week 7 Term 3:
A huge thank you to all those parents who came and supported our children through three days of excitement activities and challenge! 
Children were so positive even when it poured with rain as we unpacked our bags on Wednesday. Activities such as Crate challenges, Initiatives and Bush Craft provided opportunities  for children to cooperate and collaborate in order to problem solve through a range of different outdoor experiences. The Climbing Wall, Posties Walk, Flying Kiwi and Rambo Bridge offered challenges concerning height!  The confidence course and mud slide gave children the opportunity to get absolutely covered in mud, along with a few parents and teachers- Mrs Pickles never one to miss an opportunity to get muddy! On Thursday evening the children proudly sang the National Anthem with songs from some members of the Kapa haka and the traditional 'Funky Chicken' all echoing through the Hunua bush. Another successful Camp Adair experience for our Year 5 and 6s. Bring on 2019!
Mrs Pickles

Week 1, Term 3:
Talofa. I hope everyone had a great holiday break. Welcome back to continue our learning journey through into Term 3.
Mathematics Strand will focus on transformation with rotation (turn), reflection (flip), translation (slide) and enlargements with scale factors. 
Decimals is a main focus, initially reading decimals, e.g., 4.5 (instead of 4 point 5, read as 4 and 5 tenths, 2.56 as two and fifty six hundredths). 
Narrative writing will involve planning using mind-maps, character and setting descriptions using interesting 'juicy' adjectives, similes and metaphors and alliteration.
Topic involves the story Sosu's Call. We will explore prejudice, disability and research different aspects of Africa too.
PB4L continues to focus on Respect, e.g. thinking before speaking (filtering) in order to use the most appropriate language in a range of situations.

Friendly reminders: 
Camp dates: Wednesday 30th August, Thursday 31st August, Friday 1st September.
Camp payments are due now. 
Homework: please remind children that homework should be returned to me every Friday morning, so I can mark books and clarify any misunderstandings or errors with them.

If you have any queries or questions, please email me, phone the office or see me before or after school. 
Mrs Pickles

Week 8: 
Kia ora,
The term is racing towards week 10. We have sadly fare-welled Miss Clampitt, after having her teach in Room 12 for the last four weeks. We wish her all the best in her future teaching career. 
Updating topics:  Room 12 have a focus on descriptive writing, particularly using the five senses; what it looks, feels (texture), sounds, smells and tastes like.  
We are continuing to develop important mathematical problem-solving skills such as making mistakes, persisting through challenge and thinking flexibly. Identifying the features of 2D through (3D) paper folding has been a valuable experience to extend the language, e.g. sides, parallel sides, corners, lines of symmetry, angles (right angle, acute, obtuse, straight, reflex and full turn (360 degrees). Posters will we displayed soon!
Well done to those children chosen to be in the kung fu class after trialing for a few weeks. 
A friendly reminder for children to please bring their reading journals and readers back to school so we can continue to support their practice their reading comprehension skills at home.  
Note: Homework is handed out every Monday to be handed in on Fridays. 
Mrs Pickles


Term 2, Welcome back!

Important Dates:

Queen’s Birthday, 5th June

Bike Safe, Week 4

Parents evening Wednesday, Week 10

Learning in Term 2 will include the subjects:

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L): Respecting the environment, ourselves and others.

Topic: Science with a focus on the Material World, particularly water.

Children will have opportunities to experiment with and observe physical and chemical properties of matter.

Literacy: Our main writing focus will be transactional writing, procedures, observations & flow Charts. Reading will focus on extending knowledge of comprehension strategies.

Maths: Problem solving, Algebra, Multiplication & Division, Measurement (area and perimeter), Geometry (2D and 3D shapes).

Health & P.E: Large ball skills

The Arts:  Print blocks

Just a friendly reminder concerning camp payment : Camp will be in Term 3 from 30th August to 1st September.

Please make payments to the office if you still owe money for camp.

A note on homework: Please ensure children are reading books everyday. Talk to them and ask questions about what the story or text is about. Any queries feel free to come and see Mrs Pickles.

We are all excited to have Miss Clampitt back in Room 12 for the next six weeks and she is looking forward to teaching your children too.

Mrs Pickles and Miss Clampitt

Welcome to
 Rm 12

Kia ora everyone! I hope you all have had a restful holiday.
Rm 12 is straight into our work and we have already completed some writing about the events of our holidays.
This term the focus in maths is problem solving, statistics & place value. The writing focus is reports and descriptive writing. Reading will include a focus on making connections, summarising and inferring. Topic focuses on Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L), particularly  respect  for ourselves, respect for others and respect for the environment. 

We have a trip to Westlyn Gardens next week, so permission slips and $2.00 for entry fee are being collected as soon as possible. Parent helpers would be much appreciated. 

Miss Clampitt is a student teacher who will be working in Rm 12  throughout the year. She is passionate about enhancing student learning and we look forward to having her as part of our class whanau.

I look forward to seeing you at the parent/ teacher interviews in week 3. 
Mrs Pickles & Miss Clampitt