Welcome back to Term 4

 I hope you've enjoyed your holidays and are ready for a busy term ahead.

Don't forget that students will need to bring their hats this term

This term we will have:

Athletics day Week 1

School concert week 4 

as well as lots of other happenings so watch this space!

Writing: Persuasive writing

Reading:Strategies for Comprehension - Inference skills

Maths: Multiplication and division 

P/E:  large boy skills, Jump Jam, dances for school concert & Sports Activator. 
PB4L: Participating & Contributing; active listening; managing self; manaakitanga; manners; respect for the environment.

Topic: Technology. Choose a problem to try and solve around the school. 

Maori: Greetings; What is your name? Where are you from? Inquiring questions; How are you? Common classroom language.

ICT: Continued use of Seesaw; research and recording learning using own words.

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Term 3 is here! I hope you've enjoyed your holidays. We have a busy term ahead of us.

The kids had a great time at camp thank you for all your support with fundraising so that the students can enjoy this wonderful experience.

Week 7: This week we will be reflecting on our camp experience. We will also be back to our normal routine. We have show case coming up in week 10 and athletics day on the last day of school so we will be working hard for those two events.

Week 4: We have moved we are now Room 1A. Thank you to everyone for supporting our cake stall last week to fund raise for camp. Camp will be going ahead in week 6. On Wednesday we will have the soccer and netball teams representing our school. On Friday we will be having a sausage sizzle for $1. Next Monday Year 6's will be visiting Blockhouse Bay Intermediate school. Please make sure the permission slips for these come back as soon as possible.

Week 3: This week we have a cake stall on Wednesday 9th August to help fund raise for our school camp. Please support us by donating a cake/muffins to sell. Students can also bring a gold coin to purchase something yummy at morning tea or lunchtime.

Reminder Camp payments are due now. This can be paid at the office or we can provide bank account details if you prefer to transfer the money.

Week 1: Welcome back. We have a busy term planned. This term we have CAMP in week 6! more information about this will be coming soon.Please do not hesitate to contact me before or after school or by email at Vilasp@newlynn.school.nz if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you in partnership to support your child's learning.


Homework- Please encourgae your child to complete homework tasks set and bring it to school.

Stationary: Please have stationary ready before school starts

Attendance: It is important that your child is at school every day and is on time.

Uniforms: Please encourage your child to come to school in full uniform as it is compulsory to wear uniform. Also it will help if their uniforms are named with a fabric marker.

Camp: Camp payment is due if you still have not paid.

Topics for Term 3

Mathematics: Number & Algebra, Ratio & proportion, Direction & Time, Geometry

Writing: Reports ongoing, Myths & Legends

Reading: Questioning and inferencing

Integrated Unit: African countries (based on story “Sosu’s Call”)

Physical Education: Large ball skills

Art: 3D construction

Term 3 Events:

  • Rugby tournament on Wednesday week 2

  • NED show on Monday  week 2

  • Winter field day on Wednesday week 4

  • Seniors depart for camp on Wednesday 30th August and return on 1st September week 6

  • Transition for year 6 at Kelston Int. 15th Sept. week 8

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Week 10  What are busy term we have had we have finally made it to the last week of the term. Week 10 is a busy week with lots of happenings
Tuesday: Parent interviews school will be finishing at 1pm. 
Thursday: Science open day from 2pm-3pm please feel free to come and have a look at our learning this term
Friday: last day of school! school will finish at normal time 3pm 

Week 8 we have a busy week this week with Badminton on Wednesdays, concert practise as well sports activator. 
NOTE : please remember if your child would like to play rugby at lunchtime they need to bring a change of clothing.
              Homework is given every Monday and due on Friday. This is OPTIONAL for your child to complete. Please come see me if you have any concerns. 
              A reminder that fidget spinners are now banned at school. 

Week 7 
we were very luck this week as we got to meet the chinese Navy. They were in Auckland and came and visited New Lynn school and share their talents with us. Have a look at the photos below.
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Week 5 Room 11 has been very busy doing lots of science over the last 2 weeks. We have looked at lots of chemical changes and reactions. We have made slime, put mentos into coke, looked at what happens when baking soda and vinegar meet. Have a look at some of our photos below. 

Week 3 We had the opportunity to learn about mask making and how and when they are used. We also learnt how the colours all represent something different
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Week 3     For Science we looked at the chemical reaction that takes place when you add mentos to coke. Have a look at what happens.

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Week 3
We have been really busy this week in Room 11. We made chocolate truffles and wrote instructions on how to make it as part of our writing. We had so much fun making them and had lots of oral discussion around them. We also practiced how to read a recipe and what the key features of a recipe are. 
Have a look at some of our photos.
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Week 2
Thank you to all the parents for their support with the school disco. We had a great evening.
Please remember to keep paying your camp fees.

                                                                                       Don't forget school disco this Friday!                                                                               

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Welcome back to all students, parents and caregivers to Term 2 2017.
We have an exciting term ahead, here is what we will be learning about.

Topic: Science focus Material World

Children will get the opportunity to do experiments and observe Physical and Chemical properties of matter.

Literacy: Our main writing focus will be Transactional writing, Procedures, Observations & Flow Chart. In Reading, we will be focusing on extending knowledge of comprehension strategies.

Maths : Problem Solving questions integrated with Algebra, Multiplication & Division. In strand, the focus will be area and perimeter.

Health & P.E : Large ball skills

The Arts:  Print work

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Camp Payment : Camp will be in Term 3 from 30th August to 1st September. Please make payments to the office if you still owe money for camp.

Library books and reading at home: It important that your child reads daily at home please make sure that they are reading their library books and bringing them back to school regularly.

Uniform:  Please ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform to school each day. As the weather is getting colder please ensure that your child has the correct school jumper. If there is a time when this is not possible, send your child with a note to explain

Sickness: If your child is unwell, please keep them home. We like to share, but there are some things we should try to keep to ourselves. Please also make sure your child is getting adequate sleep so they can focus at school.

School Bell Times: It is essential that your child is at school and ready to start before the 8.50 am bell.

As a parent/caregivers you play an important role in your child's education. Please help your child's learning by making sure they are organised and ready for school each day.

Camp has been postponed

After communication with the YMCA Camp Adair staff due to severe damage during the recent floods, the Year 5/6 Camp will need to be POSTPONED until a later date 30.8.17-1.9.17 (Term 3) 
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but student safety is the most important factor in this decision to postpone the camp.

We will host a parent evening to inform parents of the Camp activities and the organisation closer to the time. In the meantime please continue to pay the camp fees. We will also continue to fundraise. 

If you have any questions about these changes please contact me on Vilasp@newlynn.school.nz

Happenings in week 10

Wednesday Room 11 will be going to New World as part of our healthy eating
Thursday will be our PB4L fun day
Pita Pit available at school on Thursday for lunch
School finishes April 15 2017 at 3pm. 

  • Friendly reminders for week 9
  • Camp fees a now due. The cost is $180. Please make payments to the school office. 
  • Please make sure all camp forms have been sent back to school
  • New world trip is next Wednesday please bring permission slips back.
  • Pita pit will be available in school next Thursday. If you would like to purchase this please send the form and and money to school by the April 15th. 

Congratulations to all the students that represented our school in T ball last week. Our A team came first and our B team came third. 
Have a look at some of the photos of the students that represented our school. 

Displaying IMG_4011.JPGDisplaying IMG_4009.JPG     

  • Friendly reminders for week 8
  • Camp fees a now due. The cost is $180. Please make payments to the school office. 
  • Please make sure all camp forms have been sent back to school

Thank you to Grace Rasmussen from the Silver ferns who came to our Role Models assembly. She spoke to us about what it takes to be a professional sports player and the highs and lows of playing any sports. She told us to always work hard and its not about how you fall but how you get back up when you fall. She has won gold before at the Commonwealth games, however she told us that winning is great but its also about having fun! She said if she can give us one piece of advice is that do the right thing even when no one else is watching! 
Displaying IMG_3959.JPG Displaying IMG_3960.JPG Displaying IMG_3963.JPG Displaying IMG_3965.JPG Grace Rasmussen
  • Friendly reminders for week 5
  • all health forms for camp need to be brought back to school
  • Camp payment you can start paying for camp in the office or ask the office for the account number if you would like to do a direct debit
  • Ice block will be on sale on Friday for $1 to help fund raise for camp

Room 11 enjoyed a great day at the Westlynn Gardens on Tuesday. Thank you to all the parent helpers. Without you trips like this would not be possible. Here are some photos from our trip.
      Displaying IMG_3751.JPG Displaying IMG_3747.JPG Displaying IMG_3745.JPG Displaying IMG_3771.JPG Displaying IMG_3765.JPG
  • Friendly reminders for week 3 
  • West Lynn trip on Tuesday 21st February. Leaving school at 9am and returning around 11pm               
  • School will finish at 1pm on Wednesday 22nd February for meet the teachers evening
  • Teachers only day on Friday 24th February

  • Friendly reminders for week 2
  • Camp meeting this Wednesday at 6pm 
  • Westlynn Garden permission slip and $2 need to be brought in
  • Homework survey needs to completed and brought back.
Welcome to Term 1 in Room 11

Hi my name is Vilas Patel and i am the teacher in Room 11 this year. 

I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to be back at New Lynn School and even more importantly, in Room 11.  

This school year is truly going to be something special,Why?  Because I can promise you that Room 11 is going to be a place filled with laughter, passion, and learning. In Room 11 we want each and every student that comes in to know they are valued and that they hold tremendous worth.  I want to teach our students to be life long learners.  In Room 11 we believe in fresh-starts and new beginnings, we believe in growth and potential. And we believe in bringing everyone together to accomplish success.

To the students,  You are the reason why I come to work every day, each and everyone of you matter!  I hope that every day you leave our class knowing how special you are and just how much potential you hold.

To the parents and guardians, you are just as important.  Without the dedication, love and support you show, students will not reach their full potential in life or at school. I value you and your opinions and look to you as a partner in your child’s education.  I am excited to work with you and to communicate with you regularly.  Room 11 will be a place where you are welcome any time.

To all others, we know this is a team effort. There is a saying "it takes a village"  New Lynn is our village and our community, it will take an entire community coming together collaborating for our children. We warmly invite the entire community to take part in the exciting upcoming school year in Room 11 at New Lynn School.  

We are so very lucky to have a lot of great support in our class this year, Elliot Peacock a student teacher in his third year of university  Lynelle, one of our fantastic learning support assistants and Mrs Nadia Nawaz , whom has worked in New Lynn school for many years,working as release teacher in our team.

Below is some information on what will be happening in our class this term
Please feel free to contact me if you require any more information or have any concerns
best form of contact is email vilasp@newlynn.school.nz

This term we will be focusing on                                                

Mathematics Number- fractions & decimals, Strand focus is Statistics, Direction Time & Distance

Writing Genre-Report and Descriptive writing

Reading Teaching specific comprehension strategies

Integrated Unit Our Identity Our Culture wks 1-6

Healthy Eating wks 7- 10

Physical Education Small ball skills

Things happening in Term 1

Parents/Caregivers meeting 15.2.17
Trip to West Lynn Gardens 21.2.17