The teachers from Kauri 1A & 2 are:

1A - Kusum Singh    (kusums@newlynn.school.nz)

 2 - Neelesh Desai    (neeleshd@newlynn.school.nz)

Term 2 is already upon us
Week 5 - Samoan Language Week
Kauri 1A learnt a Samoan dance 

Week 3- Kauri 1A and 2 enjoyed learning Chinese dance.

Our focus for this term:
Mathematics: Number-Multiplication and Division, Strand- Volume, Geometry- 2D and 3D shapes
Writing: Integrated with Language experience- science activities and trip focus on transactional eg. procedures/flow chart/explanation
Reading: Teaching specific comprehension strategies
Topic: Science focus- Living World
Te Reo: Unit on Te Huarere ( Weather), Te Reo with Maori language teacher
P.E.- Large ball skills, Sports activator's program
ICT- Lessons from " Hector's World " Safety on Internet


Term 1
Week 7- Thursday 22nd March - Bike safe session with Dave
Over the last 6 weeks we have done: 
Writing: Report writing, letter writing, and poetry (cinquains and acrostic)
Math: Fractions and decimals, multiplication as an extension of repeated addition
Topic: Our Place, Our Ancestors: researched about New Lynn, New Zealand, and Auckland. Found out more about our our families past and ancestors. 
           Visited Waititi Marae


This year Kauri 1A and Kauri 2 will be working collaboratively. Our focus for this term is:

Mathematics: Number- fractions & decimals, Strand- Statistics & Measurement: focus on Length,Area, Perimeter and Ratio and Proportion.

Writing: Children will get the opportunity to write various genres of their choice. We will focus on writing skills and knowledge. Writing will be based on language experience.

Reading: Teaching specific comprehension strategies   

Integrated Unit: Topic- “Our Place Our Ancestors”

Physical Education: Small balls skills, Jump Jam, Sports activator & swimming (GAAAP programme)

Visual Art: Self Portrait, Taniwha, Kiwiana Pop, and Landscapes ( Children will get to choose any one from this list)
ICT: Internet safety sessions, Use of various apps to present work, Research skills and eportfolio
Te Reo: Unit on "The Marae", Pepeha, Treaty of Waitangi and Class Treaty

Special welcome to Student teacher in K1A - Bethany Robb