Welcome to 2017. Mrs Mana'o is the teacher in Room 1A and our class is made up of Year 4 and 5 students. We will be working collaboratively with our neighbours in Room 2 with Mrs Mildon. We hope that everyone will have a successful year, demonstrating our school values of resilience, respect for self and others, self-belief, integrity and commitment to excellence.

Term 2 has been a busy term so far! Room 1A have been taking advantage of lots of activities offered to us. On Wednesday mornings we have badminton with Anush from Auckland Badminton. So far we have learned forehand and backhand holds and having volleys across the nets. It has been a lot of fun. If anyone goes under a net we have to do 10 push ups - on 14th June we had to do push ups three times! Students have tried out for the new school choir, a Chinese dance team and a kung fu team with several students making the cut! 
Here we are playing Human Knot for a team building exercise. 

Mr Crump, our student teacher, has been teaching full time and finishes his time with us on Friday 16th June. We wonder where he will go next...

We have been doing lots of science experiments this term - have a look on Seesaw to see some of the results!

On 21st February, we walked to the West Lynn Gardens on Parker Ave, New Lynn. This was a great experience, seeing the life cycle of a butterfly first hand. Thank you to all the wonderful parents who helped us and explored the beautiful gardens with us. The trip was a language experience and certainly gave our students lots to talk about and to include in their writing!


Topics for Term 1, 2017
Reading - Strategies for Comprehension - monitoring and clarifying
Writing - Describe a process; Rich descriptions
Maths - Statistics - gathering data and displaying it in a range of ways
Topic - Our identity, our community
Art - pencil sketching, portraits
Camp preparation - for the Year 5 students in Room 1A

Julie Manaó,
Feb 10, 2017, 8:43 PM