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                     Welcome to Room 3 - 2017

           What are we learning in Term 3?

Reading: Strategies for Comprehension: Predicting, Making Connections, Questioning, Inference, Visualizing


 Writing: Narrative Writing

Maths: Number knowledge in the four operations; Fractions: reading and identifying fraction numbers,  finding fractions of shapes and sets. Geometry: symmetry, rotation, slide, flip; Algebra: repeated patterns, Time: tell time

Topic: Sosu's Call: integrated throughout all learning areas of curriculum

PB4L: Respect: Relating to others, active listening, manaakitanga.

PE: Large ball skills; Sports Activator; Dance

ICT: Learning how to use Google docs, Seesaw and a range of Apps.

Maori: Simple commands, waiata, 


Room 3 Wiki:

  • a big thank you to everyone who supported our cake stall through baking or buying
  • Our Travel Wise group gave out hot cups of Milo to children who walked to school this morning
  • room 1a, 2 and 4 have now moved to the new building
With one week left to go till end of term, Room 3 have been still hard at work: painted Chinese opera masks and published work completed and displayed...


Friendly reminders:
  • reports go out on Monday 3rd July
  • school close at 1pm Tuesday 4th July due to parent interviews
  • science hour 6th July 2-3 in class
  • last day of school term Friday 7th July


I can't believe it is the 7th week already and this week has been full on...

A visit from the Chinese Navy...very entertaining: beat-boxing; dancing, singing and kung-fu...

A great science activity for our writing language experience...
vocabulary spoken and included in our writing: vibrant, fused, blended, rainbow, dissolve, sugary, galaxy, colour co-ordinated... 

Visit our Seesaw page to view the video of our experiment

  • procedural writing and science - chemical reaction activities have been enjoyed by all. Great hands on activities
  • concert practice is on full swing. Our children have got some real groove!
  • jump on this website and have fun with your child in learning their basic facts in Maths
  • if you want extra writing for your child he/she can write a procedural text on how to make a favourite smoothie, burger, etc.
  • a big thank you for those that have handed in their homework or sent them through via email...some fabulous work
  • please continue to read with your child; ask them questions about the text or get them to retell the story to you
  • congratulations to those who have made it into our Chinese dance and Kung Fu team
        More hands on activities for writing...making fairy bread. Yummy!

Hi everyone, it's the end of the 3rd week and Room 3 have been busy, busy, busy. 

We made ice cream for procedural writing this week and yep, we got to eat it as well. YUMMY!!


  • thank you Mrs Fruean for making 2 types of bread and poi for procedural writing as well. I liked the potato one 
  • Pink Day next Friday 26th of May. A notice will come home with more information
  • there has been a lot of auditioning for Kung Fu, Chinese dance and choir. I'm very happy to say, some of Room 3 students have been participating in these auditions and have done really well
  • thank you for supporting our fundraising by buying an ice block or 2 even 5


  • Welcome back everyone!! Hope you all had a good break
  • tickets are now on sale for our school disco this Friday 5th May
  • please check above overview for what we're learning this term 
  • Mrs Fruean will now be teaching in room 3 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays while I work on school concert
  • Monday - dance drama for selected students; Tuesday/Wednesday - orchestra and sports for selected children

Experiment showed a chemical reaction when baking soda (solid) was added to vinegar (liquid) creating...gas. 
Visit Seesaw to watch a short video clip of our experiment.

Happy Easter everyone!!! 

We completed our term 1 topic study on Healthy Eating with a stunning wall display...

All fruits, vegetables and bread were drawn by room 3 students, 
as well as coming up with, a bank full of interesting topic words.



We have been working really hard to complete all work for our wall displays before the end of term. Fantastic work room 3!!

                                                          Descriptive Autumn Poems           Factual information in reading            Self-Portraits-looking at photo for likeness


We have had some amazing homework projects come in. Thank you to those that have put in the time and effort. The beaver dam and home was made by Olive. This is displayed in our school library. The Rainbow Fish was made by Eiliyah. Thanks again!
(More homework projects to be posted soon)



Hooray! We have finally managed to complete our published reports on The Life Cycle of a Butterfly. Well done Room 3! Your work looks awesome!


  • This week for topic, we will be looking at Healthy Eating
  • To view your child's work online (Seesaw) please send me a quick email for the link
  • The Opera was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all those that have paid. You can still make payments of $4 if you haven't done so already
  • Thank you for supporting the senior school camp fundraising

  • selling ice-blocks on Friday, 1oth and 17th of March only for $1 - fundraising for senior school camp next term
  • school orchestra practice has already started with Ms Sonia
  • Mandarin lesson was a great success
  • my apologies...wheels day on Wednesdays are for scooters only. Must have a helmet please 
  • Mandarin language lessons will start this week with our new Mandarin Language Assistant - Mai 
  • Wheels day on Wednesdays. Scooters, skateboards and roller skates only. No bikes please!  Must wear a helmet for safety reasons, otherwise it will be locked up till after school. 
  • Thank you for supporting our Sausage Sizzle last week
  • Thank you to all our parent helpers who took time out of their busy schedule to help us with our West Lynn Gardens trip
  • It was great meeting up with our new parents - Welcome!

The Butterfly House
Our senior and middle school students were fortunate to see the different stages of a butterfly's life cycle. It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed the walk, sun and the fabulous garden. A great learning experience for our writing topic.