Kahikatea is the new name for the Middle Syndicate.
Room 1a, Room 2 & Room 4 have moved into the new Innovative Learning Environment. 
We are now known as Kahikatea; K1, K2, K3 & K4.
Mrs Vaega has stayed in Room 3 for now but is part of the Kahikatea team.
Mrs Mana'o, Mrs Mildon & Mr Riley teach collaboratively upstairs in the new building.

A little about how our day runs: K1, K2 & K4 meet together. One teacher welcomes the students while the other 2 do the roll on Ipads. We share a Google slide which lets students know the timetable for the day. This includes a daily goal, which students are withdrawn for specialist classes, including Te Reo, Orchestra, Maths, Reading, Lego Club, Science Club and ESOL lessons and any other important notices. Reading follows this and students have been divided among the 3 teachers. Those students not working with a teacher complete a weekly Reading Menu independently. We break for milk and a story at 10 then do writing. After morning tea we have SSR (sustained silent reading) followed by Maths and Spelling or Handwriting. Our afternoons after lunch consist of Library, Topic, Art and Syndicate Singing on various days.
We have a very busy timetable and it is important that students learn to manage themselves to the best of their abilities so that our programme runs as smoothly as possible. This is now a shared website. Team Kahikatea aim to share our learning journey with you.

Term 4 is here! I hope you've enjoyed your holidays and are ready to continue learning together.

We will be studying...

Writing: Information reports, recounts, procedural texts, poetry based on student voice topics. 

Reading:Strategies for Comprehension -  Summarising. Guided reading at individual levels.

Maths: Number; place value, subtraction & money. Measurement; length & weight

Art: Puppets, pastels, crayon & dye, recording & presenting based on student voice topics.

P/E: Jump Jam, dances for school concert & Sports Activator. 
PB4L: Participating & Contributing; active listening; managing self; manaakitanga; manners; respect for the environment.

Topic: Choices based on student voice; puppets & plays; marine biology & the Pacific Ocean; coding & poetry

Maori: Greetings; What is your name? Where are you from? Inquiring questions; How are you? Common classroom language.

ICT: Continued use of Seesaw; research and recording learning using own words.

Week 1 / Term 4: Welcome back to school everyone. We've had a great first week back. Everyone must wear a hat during break times, no hat, no play. Hats can be purchased from the school office for $15.00. The entire school is going to travel to Avondale College for a dress rehearsal of the school concert on Monday 06th November. Please remember to bring $3.00 for the bus fare. The highlight of week 1 was school athletics. Well done to everyone and congratulations to those students who achieved a place and who will now travel to the Zones.

Week 10: We have enjoyed a great last week of term. It has been Manaakitanga week. Manaakitanga is a Maori word and the dictionary definition is - the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others. Each class has been assigned a buddy class and we met together to start building school wide relationships. This concept will be continued in term 4. On Tuesday the School Show Case and Cultural Food Market were a huge success. Thank you to those parents and families that were able to attend and support their children. We hope you all enjoy a good rest over the holidays and come back refreshed and ready for another great term of learning and growing together.

Week 9: Another busy week is done and dusted. We enjoyed the Junior school mufti day on Friday and a few children dressed up as characters from Joy Cowley books. There were several amazing looking cats prowling around Kahikatea, not to mention an Iron man! The teachers have been working us hard trying finish our work based on the story Sosu's Call in preparation for the school Show Case next Tuesday evening. Don't forget to bring your parents along to look at your new classroom and see what you've been up to in Term 3. There will be a food market out on the courts and weather permitting several performances from our Kapa Haka group, Choir and Orchestra. On Friday morning Kahikatea 3 joined us in the new building for a morning of Maths work stations. Our Ndebele art has been framed and mounted in an amazingly colourful wall display. Keep up the great work everyone, one more week to go.

Week 8: This week has been busy and productive. Most students have finished their drum painting and the tops have been attached ready for some fantastic music making. Next week we will be starting our wire sculptures based on African animals. In writing we have been imagining Sosu (the main character from the book we are studying), after saving his village in Africa has come to live in New Lynn. We have been busy thinking about how his life would be different and what problems he would face living in a new country. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Black Grace performance and a few lucky students got to learn a dance and perform with the group. Next Friday we are having a mufti day to raise funds for the Junior School. Please come dressed in a character from a Joy Cowley book and bring a gold coin donation. There will be prizes!

Week 7: Next week is Maori Language Week. We will be looking at are numbers, colours, greetings, days of the week, months of the year, reading Maori legends and singing Maori waiata. We have been busy painting our Ndebele drums and they look amazing. Also next week on Friday there will be performance instead of assembly. A group called Black Grace will perform in the school hall. This costs $2 per student, please pay this to your classroom teacher. We are also very busy preparing for the school showcase which will be held in the last week of term. This is an opportunity for your parents to come into school and look at the work you've all been busy with. 

Week 6: This week several Year 5 students from K1 went to the YMCA Camp Adair in Hunua, Papakura. Their adventures began on a very wet Wednesday as they travelled by bus to camp but luckily the weather cleared and they were able to enjoy a variety of exciting activities, including, a mud slide, rock climbing, confidence course and archery. The remainder of Kahikatea were busy at school. Our Ndebele art is almost complete and we have started to undercoat our drums in preparation for our amazing designs. We are looking forward to using our drums to make some music as a syndicate. Keep up the great work everyone.

Week 5: We've had a another busy week. For writing we have been unpacking the story Sosu's Call by first looking at the setting and then the character of Sosu. We will continue looking at other characters in the story and the problem and how it is resolved. Kahikatea have been working hard on their Ndebele art and some students have started to plan the design to be painted onto their drum. K2 enjoyed their Sports Activator session showing the soccer skills they have been learning. Keep up the great work and your positive attitudes Kahikatea. Below are a few photos of our new learning environment and building taken during Syndicate Waiata and Jump Jam. We've also been loving using the new whiteboard tables too. Here is some shared writing that K2 did about Sosu the character.

Week 4: It's hard to believe K1, K2 & K4 have completed one week in the new building. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and the week has run well. In writing we have been trying hard to finish  our pangolin reports and most students have published a pangolin picture to display with their writing. The Ndebele art work is well underway and the few that are nearly complete look amazing. For Maths we have been working on multiplication problems involving African animals. More Maths talk needs to be done as students problem solve together. We have also been studying lines of symmetry and shapes that have been flipped, rotated and translated. On Tuesday the Juniors and Middle Syndicates enjoyed a Quintet performance. Students had the opportunity to see various musical instruments being played. Ask your child what they saw and heard. K1 and K4 enjoyed their fortnightly session with Hamish the Sports Activator and several students we lucky to participate in Te Reo Maori lessons and Kapa Haka classes with a new teacher called Anihera who will be working at New Lynn School every Thursday.


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