Kia Ora, Kamusta, Malo e lelei, Talofa, Namaste, Hola, Fakalofa lahi atu

Introducing Kahikatea, the Middle Syndicate (Years 3, 4 & 5)

              K1 - Julie Mana'o                (
              K2 - Kathryn Mildon       (
              K3 - Leitu Vaega                  (
               K4 - Margaret Fruean     ( 

            K1, K2 & K4 work collaboratively. K3 is a single cell classroom

Are you ready for Term 3?

Our focus:

Topic: Social Studies: Traditions and customs

Writing: Narrative based on Maori legends, especially Maui 
             Surface features based on language experiences
             Handwriting: correct formation, upper and lower cases
             Spelling: Spell-write essential lists / personal spelling lists
             Oral: "Talk to learn" - speaking clearly, asking questions

Reading: Guided reading at personal levels

Maths: Number: Personal knowledge progressions, Strategies for problem solving Strand: Statistics

Art: Linked to life of Maui and Maori legends / Hoe waka (paddles), ta moko (facial tattoos), kowhaiwhai & tukutuku panels, rich pastel work

P/E: Jump Jam,  Sports Activator - participation, fair play, Dance for T4 School Concert
PB4L: Manners, fair play, minimising rubbish at school, manaaikitanga

Maori: Whakatauki - proverbs and their meanings

ICT: publishing in different ways, using Seesaw in different ways, care of equipment

Week 3, 2018: This week we have been busy finishing off our Hoe Waka and we enjoyed sharing some of these at our Assembly on Friday. For writing we have written some poems about the sun and given one of Maui's brothers a name, interests and personality characteristics. We used this information and wrote a day in the life of the brother with some imaginative results. On Thursday we had a crazy mufti day to raise money for Kids Can. Joshua Grant won the prize for the best dressed middle syndicate dress up. Don't forget to keep using your manners as this is still our PB4L focus.

Week 2, 2018: Hi everyone, from next week on, there will be a new teacher job sharing with Mrs Vaega. His name is Rob and he'll be teaching every Tuesday and Wednesday in Room 3. He is new to the school, so please do not hesitate to go and say hi.
On Monday all of Kahikatea had a fun activity morning where we rotated around four activities. There was sack racing, table soccer, balloon volleyball and quoits which is where you throw rings onto an upright peg. The next day we used this activity to write rich descriptive writing for an Asttle writing test. We also welcomed Elijah, Julia and Jyzelle to Kahikatea and later in the week Haoming from China joined our class too. In art we have been busy designing patterns to decorate our hoe waka which are the paddles Maori used in their waka (canoes). These are going to look amazing when they are finished.

Week 1, 2018: School starts at 8.55am on Monday 23rd July. We look forward to seeing you all back ready for another exciting term of learning. 


Term 2 is here! This is what we will be learning about this term.

Topic: Science: Physics - Precious Energy (Weeks 1-7) Keeping Ourselves Safe (Weeks 8-10)

Writing: Explain or Describe a Process: linked to Science work

Reading:Strategies for Comprehension - Visualising & Predicting and Inferring - Guided Reading at our personal levels

Maths: Number: number knowledge, place value, "family of facts', maths problem solving, times tables Geometry & Measurement: 2D & 3D shapes

Art: 3D Construction - linked to Science work for Science Fair

P/E: Jump Jam,  Sports Activator - participation, fair play, Dance for T4 School Concert
PB4L: Respect our Environment (Weeks 1-4), Respect Others (Week 5), Dealing with Conflict (Weeks 6-7), Fair Play (Week 8), Active Listening (Week 9)

Maori: Our Whakatauki: Maori pronunciation, class treaty, principles (protection, partnership, participation), mihimihi,  Our school and classroom (Maori names)

ICT: Care and maintenance of devices, Hector's World - internet safety, publishing options, use of apps, uploading work onto Seesaw (online portfolios)

Week 10, 2018: It's hard to believe it's the final week of Term 2. This week we are learning about Matariki (the Maori New Year), and we're doing some art and language activities based on this. On Wednesday 04 July parents and care givers are invited into Kahikatea classrooms to share in the science learning their children have been doing this term. Students will be conducting experiments to show what they have learnt about energy and force. Classrooms will be open between 2 and 4pm. We hope everyone  enjoys a much deserved holiday and stays safe. Thank you for a great term 2.

Week 9, 2018: This week we are discussing why it is important to know our full name, address and phone number and be a confident child. We are learning this information to keep ourselves safe. Help your child to fill our the homework sheet with this information and help them practice it on a regular basis. It is far better to know this information in advance before it is needed. Students are enjoying learning dances for the Term 4 concert. We have split Kahikatea into two groups as other students in our classroom are part of the Kapa Haka and props groups. Keep up the positive attitudes Kahikatea, not long until the holidays.

Week 8, 2018: It's hard to believe it's week 8. Only 3 more weeks until you all get another well deserved holiday but there is still lots of learning to complete before then. On Friday we said goodbye to our wonderful student teachers Matua Steve and Whaea Aya. It was very sad to see them go but we know they will make amazing teachers and we have been privileged to be part of their learning journey. They presented our classroom with a Kahikatea tree and a photo of us all taken after Jump Jam. Our teachers prepared a Teacher's Survival Kit for them and each student wrote a sentence saying what they appreciated about them and we stuck these in two huge cards. We then had a sharing circle which was an excellent chance for students and teachers to say goodbye. Friday was also Max's 9th birthday and Janinna (Max's teacher aide) surprised us all by coming dressed as a penguin to help make Max's day memorable. This week we see Constable Carl join us for the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme. 

Week 7, 2018: Thank you to all the parents that came to the Crown Lynn Museum with us last week. Without your support trips like this would not be possible. The students enjoyed the trip and learned a lot about our history of clay. Our school concert is scheduled for term 4 and this week our dance practices began. The students work with Mrs Vaega and she encourages them to come up with their own dance moves. I wonder what amazing dances they will create this year? In Science on Friday last week experimented with domino runs. This proved to be very exciting and there were some incredible creations. Domino runs hold a lot of potential energy and when a force is exerted onto the first domino the effects are fun and scientific. Whaea Aya and Matua Steve have been busy creating an aquarium in one of our breakout rooms. Two reading groups helped them decorate the walls and make all sorts of marine animals. Make sure you come and have a look. 

Week 6, 2018: This week Kahikatea 1,2 and 4 will walk to the Crown Lynn Museum to look at the pottery that was made in our area to finish off our Turangawaewae, Our Place study from Term 1. Whaea Aya is also busy ensuring those students who missed out making a clay pot last term get the opportunity. We will also be digging up the items that were buried in our school garden and discussing the outcomes. There will be a Science Fair in the last week of school for students to demonstrate the learning they have achieved about energy and force. Students have been put into small groups and are busy planning what their contribution to the Science Fair will look like. Keep working hard everyone.

Week 5, 2018: It is the middle of Term 2 and teachers are busy testing students to see what progress has been achieved in reading, writing and maths so keep working hard towards your personal goals. A highlight of last week was a session learning about Chinese paper cutting techniques and all of the students creations were amazing. For science we are conducting an experiment where several items have been buried in the school garden. These items will stay buried for two weeks and then will be dug up to see which ones were biodegradable and which ones weren't. This fits in with our aim of reducing the amount of waste at our school, especially plastic.  For writing we have been looking at different tools and writing descriptions about them and trying to understand what they are used for. Keep working hard Kahikatea.

Week 4, 2018: Kahikatea has had a busy week learning about forces. Our student teachers set up three stations where we could experiment with static electricity, friction cars and slippery slopes. Our writing focus has been on making hypothesis, observing an experiment and writing an explanation of what happened and why. On Friday New Lynn School celebrated Pink Shirt Day. Everyone came dressed in pink to celebrate Anti Bullying. We had a parade after Jump Jam and two students from each area of the school received prizes for their outfits. We also ran a poster competition and a big congratulations goes to Elliot who won the Middle School prize. Sanskriti and Inaaya also received a prize for their highly commended efforts too. The winning posters are on display in the Library window. 

Week 3, 2018: Another week is done and dusted. Thank you to all the parents that came along to Parent Teacher Interviews last week. It was great to discuss your children's learning and how we can work together to see them reach their goals. Everyone enjoyed last weeks Opera. The show was called The Elixir of Love and the highlight was seeing Mrs Mana'o on stage acting as the priest. Don't forgot this Friday 18th May is Pink Shirt day. Come to school wearing something pink and bring along a gold coin donation. We are standing up to bullying. For science we have been exploring energy and force. We began this learning by making paper aeroplanes and trying to understand what forces act upon them to help them fly the furthest. 

Week 2, 2018: We had a great start to our term last week. Thank you everyone for your positive attitudes and getting back into your learning quickly and confidently. This week we welcome back our student teachers Whaea Aya and Matua Steve who will be with us for the next 6 weeks. We also welcome Ms Nina Richards who will be working with Mrs Fruean and Kahikatea 4 for the next 5 weeks. This week on Tuesday we will be going to Opera in Schools in the hall. Please remember to bring $2 for this special performance. Some students will be taking home school reports on Monday and there will be Parent Teacher Interviews on Thursday and Friday nights to discuss these reports.

Week 1, 2018: We hope you've all enjoyed your 2 week holiday with family and friends and are rested and ready to begin our learning journey for Term 2. It is sure to be fun as we begin to unpack our Science topic "Precious Energy" and do lots of hands on fun learning activities. See you all on the 30th April. 

Welcome to Term 1, 2018

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 7th February ready to learn. Please bring your stationery as soon as possible. 

Our focus this term

Writing: Rich descriptions using adjectives and adverbs, poem writing based on language experiences, surface features 

Reading:Strategies for Comprehension - Making Connections (text to self, text to text & text to world), Guided Reading at our personal levels

Maths: Number: use of equipment, number knowledge, place value, "family" Maths problems Measurement: directions, distances, map reading

Art: Drawing and Painting skills: self portraits, plants and bird life of our school

P/E: Jump Jam,  Sports Activator, Swimming: flotation techniques, arm and leg movements, co-ordination, managing self, participation in GAAAP Programme, Cross Country training
PB4L: What does it mean to be a PB4L school? Caring for our community, participating and contributing, school values and rules

Topic: Turangawaewae, Our Place: Whakapapa, where we come from, where we are, our school and who and what is in it

Science:  Identify and describe the plants, birds and insects in the school grounds

Maori: Our Whakatauki: Maori pronunciation, class treaty, principles (protection, partnership, participation), mihimihi,  Our school and classroom (Maori names)

ICT: Care and maintenance of devices, Hector's World - internet safety, publishing options, use of apps, continued use of SeeSaw (online portfolios)

Week 10, 2018: It's week 10 and the end of Term 1. Teachers are busy testing students and we are trying to get our work finished by the end of the week so we can start new topics in Term 2. Congratulations to all of our students who participated in our school cross country. A special congratulations to the students who won a place and will now travel to the Zones to represent our school. We hope you all enjoy a well deserved rest over the coming school holidays. Take care and we'll see you all back on the 30th of April for an exciting Term 2. 

Week 9, 2018: Wow, week 9 already. Welcome back after the Easter break. This Friday, weather permitting will be the School Cross Country. Students will be participating in their age groups during the morning from 9.15 until 11.00am. 

Week 8, 2018: We have enjoyed another busy week. Our year 5 students enjoyed learning to ride bikes safely with Bike West and some students have worked with Whaea Aya making clay pinch pots. Everyone will get a turn but we are working with small groups of 5 to make the most of this wonderful experience. Clay work relates well to our study of Turangawaewae (Our Place). New Lynn has a rich history with clay, including brick making and Crown Lynn pottery. We were very lucky this week to have the Chinese Dance group perform for us. They did their dance twice as everyone enjoyed it so much. Week 8 is a four day week as Friday begins the Easter holiday period. Week 9 will be a three day week as school is closed on Monday and Tuesday. We hope you all enjoy the short break with your families and we look forward to seeing you back on Wednesday the 4th of April to continue our learning journey together.

Week 7, 2018: Week 6 was another busy week in Kahikatea. The Year 5 students enjoyed learning about bikes with Bike West, a group of students has begun free soccer coaching on Friday afternoons, each class enjoyed their Sports Activator session with Helen where they played a game of tandem T-Ball and we did a community building activity with Matua Steve and Whaea Aya (our student teachers), which was a lot of fun. This week will be the last week for class swimming so remember to bring your togs on Monday and Wednesday. The following students received PB4L prizes this week. K3 = Mauli, Kelly, Sebastian, Aarya and Bella, K1, K2 & K4 = Ilya, Davin, Alex, Mia and Savannah. Keep up the great work everyone. 

Week 6, 2018: We have enjoyed participating in the GAAAP swimming programme. The focus of this programme has been on teaching water safety to the students and providing them with experiences that simulate what it would be like to be in moving water and how they could keep themselves and others safe. A particular highlight was wearing life jackets. For writing we have been writing cinquain poems about plants that bite back. Mrs Mana'o bought the class a Venus flytrap plant and this has added extra excitement to our writing. For art we are working steadily on various self portraits. These include sketches, crazy hair, ink blown hair and Picasso styled art. This coming week the Year 5's will participate in Bike Wise with the rest of the senior school. Our PB4L focus this week is how we can share our school space so that we are all safe and happy.


Week 5, 2018: Another big thank you to all those parents who attended Parent Teacher interviews last Wednesday & Thursday evenings. It was great to meet you and for us to share information about your child. GAAAP swimming lessons continue this week and the students have been enjoying themselves while also learning a lot about water safety. Don't forget your togs and towel everyday this week. Last week we also started our Sports Activator programme. We met Helen our new Sports Activator and enjoyed learning how to throw and catch as well as warming up with triangle tag. 

Things to remember: 
  • GAAAP swimming programme (compulsory swimming lessons for next two weeks)
  • Parent Teacher interviews (Wednesday & Thursday evenings between 3pm & 7pm)
Week 4, 2018: Thank you to all the parents who made time to attend the Parent Information evening last Thursday. It was great to see such a good turn out. Remember to book in a time to have a one on one discussion with your child's teacher this coming Wednesday or Thursday evening between 3pm and 7pm. This week and next week we have the GAAAP swimming programme at New Lynn School. This is a funded/compulsory fortnight of daily lessons for 10 consecutive days. Every child is expected to swim and if they don't swim they will need a doctor's note. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 

Things to remember:  On Thursday 22 February there is an information evening for parents. Come to Kahikatea between 6 & 7pm to meet the teachers. 

Week 3, 2018: What an exciting week we have just had. On Tuesday we had an Activity Morning where students participated in various activities. K1, K2 & K4 did a rotation where students did sack races and musical sacks (like musical chairs), built tangram puzzles, blew bubbles, kept ping pong balls on tables using straws and threw balls into buckets. The weather prohibited us going outside but we still had fun. The purpose of this morning was to give students a rich language experience that they could write about for an e-asTTle writing test. Friday morning was also fun as K3 joined us for Maths. We were using all the Key Competencies (thinking, relating to others, using signs symbols & texts, managing self and participating and contributing) as we learned how to play independent Maths games together. There were 98 children in Kahikatea and everyone worked well together.

Week 2, 2018: We had an excellent start to the school year last week. Thank you to everyone for trying your best. This week swimming will be on Monday and Wednesday. Please bring your togs and towel in a named bag. Our reading programme also begins this week. Please remember to bring your book bags everyday. 

Week 1, 2018: We will be getting to know each other and establishing classroom routines. Come ready to get involved and make new friends. We have three student teachers joining us this week. A special welcome to Steve in K1, Aya in K2 and Caitlyn in K3.  We look forward to seeing you all. 

Term 4, 2017 is here! I hope you've enjoyed your holidays and are ready to continue learning together.

We will be studying...

Writing: Information reports, recounts, procedural texts, poetry based on student voice topics. 

Reading:Strategies for Comprehension -  Summarising. Guided reading at individual levels.

Maths: Number; place value, subtraction & money. Measurement; length & weight

Art: Puppets, pastels, crayon & dye, recording & presenting based on student voice topics.

P/E: Jump Jam, dances for school concert & Sports Activator. 
PB4L: Participating & Contributing; active listening; managing self; manaakitanga; manners; respect for the environment.

Topic: Choices based on student voice; puppets & plays; marine biology & the Pacific Ocean; coding & poetry/ cooking; robots & plants

Maori: Greetings; What is your name? Where are you from? Inquiring questions; How are you? Common classroom language.

ICT: Continued use of Seesaw; research and recording learning using own words.

Week 10 / Term 4: This is the last week of 2017. Special things to note: Swimming on Monday, visit new classes on Tuesday and Year 6 Graduation Assembly on Wednesday. School finishes at 12pm on Wednesday. We wish all of our students and families a very safe and happy summer holiday and hope to see you all back in 2018.

Week 9 / Term 4: Congratulations to all those students who won prizes at the School Prize Giving Assembly. Every single student should be proud of their personal achievements throughout the year. We are on the final countdown to the end of 2017. Mei Lao Shi was farewelled at Assembly on Friday. She was presented with a gift and each class made her cards thanking her for teaching Mandarin this past year. We wish her well as she returns to her University studies in China.

Week 8 / Term 4: On Tuesday 5th December the author James Russell visited out school to introduce his Dragon Hunter books. He was entertaining and everyone is looking forward to exploring these new books, especially using the app so that they can enjoy the augmented reality. There is a set in the school library so make sure you have a look. Mr Riley has been busy cooking with small groups of students making gingerbread men. Students cook them one day then ice and eat them the following day. There have been some interesting creations. The venue for the school prize giving has been changed and we are now going to hold it at school in the courtyard on Tuesday 12th December at 10am. 

Week 7 / Term 4: This week we enjoyed swimming in the school swimming pool. Kahikatea's swimming days are Monday and Wednesday so remember to bring your named togs & towel on these days. We got to walk to the new playground and take a look but unfortunately it is not quite finished so we couldn't have a turn. We went back to class and wrote about what parts we liked and didn't like then we got to design our own playground. There are only 13 days left of this term and they are going to be busy. We have Prize Giving on Tuesday 12th December at the New Lynn RSA and there will be two practices this week, weather permitting. Keep working hard Kahikatea. Not long to go now until we all get a summer holiday.

Week 6 / Term 4: We have had another busy week. For writing we had three options. Mrs Riley worked with a group writing recipes and cooking. They made smoothies. Mrs Mildon worked with a group keen to learn more about plants. Each student choose an area they were interested in and did an inquiry project about it. We enjoyed a walk through the School Garden and sat down in the sunshine and sketched some of the trees in our orchard. Mrs Fruean (who was relieving for Mrs Mana'o) worked with a group who were keen to make their own robots out of recycled materials. They wrote procedural texts explaining how they were going to do this. They had so much fun and their robots are awesome. Well done everybody. We welcomed Mrs Mana'o back to school on Friday and everyone was glad to have her back but sad to see Mrs Fruean go as she is a cool reliever. Week 7 is going to exciting as our new school playground will be finished and ready to use on Tuesday. This is going to be a senior playground but everyone in the school will get an opportunity to try it out next week. Also, the school swimming pool is ready so class swimming and lunch time swimming will begin too.

Week 5 / Term 4: Another week is over and we are half way through a very busy term. Well done to those students who participated in the Inter School Athletic Zone competition this week and congratulations if you won your race. In Maths we having been busy measuring. Some students took metre wheels and had fun measuring the courts and deck outside Rooms 11, 12 and 13 while others worked inside with tape measures and measured the width of our new classroom. For writing we were busy making Mrs Mana'o get well cards as she has been away sick this week. We all wish her a speedy recovery and hope she is back at school soon. Our short focus this week has been dinosaurs and we have read stories, written facts and drawn amazing dinosaur pictures for art. Next week we start new topics based on student voice. We have chosen cooking, robots and plants. These interesting topics will see us through to the end of the term. Keep up your positive attitudes Kahikatea.

Week 4 / Term 4: Our school concert was amazing. Congratulations to all those students in Kahikatea who performed on the night. A big thank you to Mrs Vaega for producing the concert and for teaching many of the dances. Thank you to all the other adults who taught dances, made costumes or helped dress the students on the night. Everyone should be very proud of their accomplishments. Kahikatea enjoyed another session of Sports Activator with Hamish this week. We learned basketball skills on the court. 

Week 3 / Term 4: Students in Kahikatea enjoyed participating in Inflatable soccer this week. You can do this again at lunch times for a cost of $44 for 6 weeks by filling out the form provided. It was a busy week with two concert practices. The whole school dress rehearsal is on Monday 6th November and the concert is on Tuesday 7th November. For PB4L we have been learning about participating and contributing which is important in light of our upcoming school concert. Teachers are testing so they have current information to put in your end of year reports. It is a chance to show what your have learned over this year.

Week 2 / Term 4: Week 2 was only 4 days and went very quickly. For maths we have been looking at money and identifying what colour our New Zealand notes & coins are and what people and animals are on each piece. We had an extra dance practice this week. The Learning Studio classes came up to Kahikatea and each class performed their dance in front of an audience. The dances are amazing. We really enjoyed Sports Activator with Hamish. We have split Kahikatea into 3 groups. One group is based on skills, one is based around friendly play and one is for our competitive students.  This is a trial so let us know what you think. The groups enjoyed learning skills for long jump and relay racing with batons. Things to remember: Clothes for the school concert brought to school in a named bag: K2 = black top & black bottom / K4 = black bottom & colourful T shirt. $3 from each student with a signed permission slip for the full dress rehearsal at Avondale College on Monday 06th November. Your hat / no hat, no play from Monday 30 October.

Week 1 / Term 4: Welcome back to school everyone. We've had a great first week back. Everyone must wear a hat during break times, no hat, no play. Hats can be purchased from the school office for $15.00. The entire school is going to travel to Avondale College for a dress rehearsal of the school concert on Monday 06th November. Please remember to bring $3.00 for the bus fare. The highlight of week 1 was school athletics. Well done to everyone and congratulations to those students who achieved a place and who will now travel to the Zones.

Week 10: We have enjoyed a great last week of term. It has been Manaakitanga week. Manaakitanga is a Maori word and the dictionary definition is - the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others. Each class has been assigned a buddy class and we met together to start building school wide relationships. This concept will be continued in term 4. On Tuesday the School Show Case and Cultural Food Market were a huge success. Thank you to those parents and families that were able to attend and support their children. We hope you all enjoy a good rest over the holidays and come back refreshed and ready for another great term of learning and growing together.

Week 9: Another busy week is done and dusted. We enjoyed the Junior school mufti day on Friday and a few children dressed up as characters from Joy Cowley books. There were several amazing looking cats prowling around Kahikatea, not to mention an Iron man! The teachers have been working us hard trying finish our work based on the story Sosu's Call in preparation for the school Show Case next Tuesday evening. Don't forget to bring your parents along to look at your new classroom and see what you've been up to in Term 3. There will be a food market out on the courts and weather permitting several performances from our Kapa Haka group, Choir and Orchestra. On Friday morning Kahikatea 3 joined us in the new building for a morning of Maths work stations. Our Ndebele art has been framed and mounted in an amazingly colourful wall display. Keep up the great work everyone, one more week to go.

Week 8: This week has been busy and productive. Most students have finished their drum painting and the tops have been attached ready for some fantastic music making. Next week we will be starting our wire sculptures based on African animals. In writing we have been imagining Sosu (the main character from the book we are studying), after saving his village in Africa has come to live in New Lynn. We have been busy thinking about how his life would be different and what problems he would face living in a new country. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Black Grace performance and a few lucky students got to learn a dance and perform with the group. Next Friday we are having a mufti day to raise funds for the Junior School. Please come dressed in a character from a Joy Cowley book and bring a gold coin donation. There will be prizes!

Week 7: Next week is Maori Language Week. We will be looking at are numbers, colours, greetings, days of the week, months of the year, reading Maori legends and singing Maori waiata. We have been busy painting our Ndebele drums and they look amazing. Also next week on Friday there will be performance instead of assembly. A group called Black Grace will perform in the school hall. This costs $2 per student, please pay this to your classroom teacher. We are also very busy preparing for the school showcase which will be held in the last week of term. This is an opportunity for your parents to come into school and look at the work you've all been busy with. 

Week 6: This week several Year 5 students from K1 went to the YMCA Camp Adair in Hunua, Papakura. Their adventures began on a very wet Wednesday as they travelled by bus to camp but luckily the weather cleared and they were able to enjoy a variety of exciting activities, including, a mud slide, rock climbing, confidence course and archery. The remainder of Kahikatea were busy at school. Our Ndebele art is almost complete and we have started to undercoat our drums in preparation for our amazing designs. We are looking forward to using our drums to make some music as a syndicate. Keep up the great work everyone.

Week 5: We've had a another busy week. For writing we have been unpacking the story Sosu's Call by first looking at the setting and then the character of Sosu. We will continue looking at other characters in the story and the problem and how it is resolved. Kahikatea have been working hard on their Ndebele art and some students have started to plan the design to be painted onto their drum. K2 enjoyed their Sports Activator session showing the soccer skills they have been learning. Keep up the great work and your positive attitudes Kahikatea. Below are a few photos of our new learning environment and building taken during Syndicate Waiata and Jump Jam. We've also been loving using the new whiteboard tables too. Here is some shared writing that K2 did about Sosu the character.

Week 4: It's hard to believe K1, K2 & K4 have completed one week in the new building. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and the week has run well. In writing we have been trying hard to finish  our pangolin reports and most students have published a pangolin picture to display with their writing. The Ndebele art work is well underway and the few that are nearly complete look amazing. For Maths we have been working on multiplication problems involving African animals. More Maths talk needs to be done as students problem solve together. We have also been studying lines of symmetry and shapes that have been flipped, rotated and translated. On Tuesday the Juniors and Middle Syndicates enjoyed a Quintet performance. Students had the opportunity to see various musical instruments being played. Ask your child what they saw and heard. K1 and K4 enjoyed their fortnightly session with Hamish the Sports Activator and several students we lucky to participate in Te Reo Maori lessons and Kapa Haka classes with a new teacher called Anihera who will be working at New Lynn School every Thursday.


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