Term One

We had  a Teddy Bears' picnic! Here we are with our bears:

Our first unit was about settling in to school, and getting to know each other and the school environment. 
Constable Carl came in to talk about Road Safety and he taught us about 'sneaky driveways', the importance of putting on your seatbelt, and sitting in a booster seat until you are 148cm tall. 
Have a look at our photos at the bottom of this page: click on the image to make it bigger.

In March we 
studied the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly. 
We saw the live action life cycle in our room which was very exciting!

We made porridge:

We did amazing self portraits using paint and pastels:

We had fun learning with the computers and iPads:

Our last topic for term one was a Science one: we did some investigations into the properties of clay.
We also made clay tiles. These will be kiln fired when dry (beginning of term two).

Here's a little alphabet identification activity to play with Big Bird - click on the picture below: