Reaching for the sky, reach for your goals.

Hello, Kia Ora, Hola, Namaste, Malo e lelei, Fakalofa lahi atu, Talofa, and Welcome to Room 6. 

My name is Rachel Johnson and I'm the teacher of this Year 1 and 2 class.

A little about how our day runs:
We start our day by putting our book bags and bags away- ensuring that our bag area is nice and tidy. 
We then take the roll, share news and on Thursdays and Fridays we do Jump Jam.
Maths is followed by a break for milk (or a snack) and Writing.
We do Reading and Handwriting after morning tea and finish off our day with either P.E, Topic or Art. 

Feel free to come into Room 6 and see me if you have any questions or you can email me on

This year for our portfolios we will be using a website called Seesaw. If I do not have your correct email address please come and give it to me, or email me via the address below. With your email I can add you to our Room 6 Seesaw page and you can see some of the work your child has been doing in class!



Room 6's Weekly Wiki

Term 3:

This week we are doing lots of work on our author study of Joy Cowley.  On Friday this week we have a special mufti day where we can dress up as a character from a Joy Cowley book.  The Junior school are going to have a parade so we can look at all our amazing costumes!!!

Room six are also going to be doing lots of writing about Joy Cowley's books.  We are reading 'The Remarkable Cake shop' and Mrs Johnson is going to let us design our own cupcakes!  

Please remember that we are going to Mrs Wishy Washy next Thursday, so if you have not paid and brought in your permission slip you need to.

Show case is next Tuesday evening (weather permitting)  There will be food stalls and a glimpse of what will be in our school concert.

Have a great week :)

Week Six-
This week in maths we learnt about algebra and how to make patterns. We also learnt about the rules of patterns and made some really cool art pieces based around our learning of algebra and geometry! 
We had Sport's Activator with Hamish and are learning how to play T.Ball! Everyone was really good and I put a video of our game up on See-Saw!

Week Five-

We are still tired after our big week last week but everyone has been working very hard with all their work. 
In Topic- We have been focusing on African Animals as we are lucky enough to be going to Auckland Zoo on Tuesday 29th of November! Permission slips and payment information was sent home on Wednesday (9th Nov) and we are going to be having an education session with an African Animal keeper. We will be learning about habitat, diet and the animals who call Africa home. 
Maths- we have been learning about geometry and we made some amazing shape art pieces- watch out for these on See-Saw! 
Writing- we have been writing a report on sea turtle- next week we will be writing and publishing a report on lions! 
Reading- everyone has been reading every day and we have been focusing on comprehension!
Yay! Everyone has a hat! Well done Room 6! 

Week Four- 

This week has been concert week! On Monday and Tuesday we had whole school practices out on the courts - this was the first time Room 6 got to see the other classes' dances so it was very exciting! Everyone has been working hard and everyone's dances looked fantastic!

On Wednesday we went on the buses to Avondale College to have a big run through of our concert with the whole school. It was really exciting that we got to be the audience and sit in the dark with all the amazing lights and acts on stage. 

Thursday is our real concert!!! We all have to be at Avondale College by 6:30pm at the latest - ready to get into our costumes and dance our hearts out! Good luck Room 6! You will be amazing!

Week Three- 

We have been so busy with concert practice this week! Everyone is getting really good at knowing the dance! We have even been practicing with other classes so that we know what it is like to perform in front of an audience. 
On Friday we did a science experiment with Room 5. We got some what water, made a list of predictions and completed the experiment to find out what objects would sink... and which ones would float! 

Week Two-

Another full on week! Concert practices are going really well- both the boys and the girls are trying really hard with their dances and they are looking so good! 
A syndicate newsletter will be going home today (Friday) with any details regarding concert costumes. The girls will need black leggings and a black top... we have made their over-dresses at school. The boys will need nothing- we have found some AMAZING costumes at school and luckily enough there was enough for every boy! 
In topic this week we have been learning about underwater animals... we learnt that turtles are reptiles and that they eat jellyfish! 

Week One- 

Welcome back to school everyone! This week we have started our topic work (animals) and we have been focusing on animals that live in the sea. We had a brainstorm and everyone got to vote on what sea animals they would like to know more about. Sharks were the overwhelming favourite and we learnt that they have strong tails, can swim fast, eat fish and that sharks don't always make very good mothers!
In maths we have been busy learning about shapes.. both 2D and 3D shapes! 
In writing we have been writing a very detailed recount about our holidays! Seems like everyone got up to some pretty cool things! 

Term Three Recap-

While Term Three was a short term (week wise- we only had 9 weeks) it was such a busy, busy term! We were working hard with all of our art pieces and wall displays for Showcase (which was a great night!). We learnt all about the book, 'The Lotus Seed,' and most of our topic, writing and reading work was based around this. For maths we learnt how to solve problems as a whole class and what fractions are! It was a fantastic term and everyone worked so hard that they were very ready for the holidays! 

Term Two Recap-

Wow! What a full on second term we had. We were lucky enough to have two visits from Constable Carl, a trip to Butterfly Creek, Chinese Cultural lessons with Miss Cindy and her friends and everything that was in between! Everyone worked so hard with their work and we have some truly amazing student work up on the walls so come in and check it out! 

Term One Recap-

We have had an amazing term and have been busy settling into our new routines and making lots of new friends. We had an exciting trip to Arataki back in Week 9, where we learnt all about our native forests, wildlife and what a Ranger does within our community. 
After a busy term filled with swimming, cross country, our community topic (which included a visit from Constable Carl!) and our trip we are looking forward to a rest in the holidays! 

Term Two will not be a hat term so I will send these home on the last day of Term One.