Gardening Group
Winners of the Waitakere Eco Awards 2012


Vegetable Garden Working Bee

Wind, rain, hail and fog and they came out in force. We would like to say thank you very much to the New Lynn Rotary Club, who did a fantastic job of organising and donating their time and resources to finishing off our vegetable garden. The garden shed / shop is now on- site. This will be used to sell produce. The new garden beds have been added and old tyres painted and will be planted with potatoes. The entire patch is now completely fenced off with manuka branches that the Rotary Club members had to go out into the bush and get.

Thank you also to our volunteers who helped to make this happen. We had volunteers from ASB Lynmall, Helensville and Auckland City. We had three contestants from Miss New Zealand including the now reigning Miss New Zealand. Mr Richard who tirelessly helps out with our gardens. Our parents who were able to come and last but not least Mrs JoAnna Crosby who makes things happen.

If you have not had a chance to see our vegetable garden and fruit trees, please come in and have a look around. If you would like to help our garden group please see Ms JoAnna after school or call us on 827 4382 and leave your name and number.

Our Gardening and Leadership groups hosted 14 visitors from Kiwicare Preschool.  The children came to look at our sustainable gardens and helped us to plant strawberry plants, ready for summer. 

We had the Hire a Hubby company donate their time to build planter boxes for our school garden.



The rest of the school, under Mrs Crosby's and Mrs Gardner's guidance, planted 470 plants in the Rewarewa Stream. This is the stream that runs between our school and the Karamea Retirement Village homes. It was fun working with adults and students to make our environment a more beautiful place.

Here are some photos that capture aspects of our eventful day:


In 2009 our garden group was nominated for the Best Garden Group in West Auckland Waitakere. Our school caretaker won runner-up for the best presented school. When we heard about it we were so proud (and still are).
The gardening group is about planting a variety of plants and learning about the importance of water and nutrients to feed them. Sometimes we cook using the produce from out amazing garden. For one session our garden group gathered around our big table and ate our school-made silverbeet and feta muffins. The silverbeet was carefully grown in our own school garden. Savory feta cheese made our stomachs hungry for more. Recently we learned how to make pickled beetroot which we will sell in our new produce shop.

2009 Garden Awards
Thriving Cabbages

Compost Area
Getting the soil ready

Mr Grace is a professional gardener who helps and teaches us about how to plant and harvest. He started to help our garden group in 2009 and he still helps us today. We also have Ms Jo-Anna and Mrs Gardner helping to teach us the important skills of successful gardening.