Camp Adair 

Confidently I climbed the sky-scraper climbing wall.
Anxiously staring ahead of me, I waddled along the Rambo Bridge.
Murmuring to myself, I crossed the Postie’s Walk thinking I might fall.
Participating in Postie’s Walk I panicked quietly passing the middle of check point.

Awake excitedly, I was ready for a day of amazing activities.
Desperately I crossed the tyres not falling into deep muddy water.
Archery was up after another activity.
Interested in activities, it was nearly impossible to wait.
Recklessly I rushed rapidly over the Rambo Bridge.

Hunger growing as I waited for delicious lunch.
Unable to hide my fear, I unexpectedly screamed.
Noisy nights, like Night Shadow’s wolf growling.
Unafraid I dived under the oozy mud in the confidence course.
Alerted by the rooster, I knew it was another day of excitement

BY: Breeana Mackintosh

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